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Sanni arrives in Paonia


DISC-ussion (August 2000)
Copyright 2000 The Star Beacon. All Rights Reserved

by Ann Ulrich


We call it a miracle. Everything happened so fast, it has left us amazed. As you read in the July Star Beacon, in early June, Sanni came to western Colorado for a visit, hoping beyond hope there would be some way she could leave her depressing situation in one of Ohio's big cities and make a new life for herself in Colorado.

The word was sent out. The call for help rang out among Star Beacon readers, and now, less than two months later, Sanni is living in Paonia, Colo. She has left her life in Ohio behind, and with the help of her new friends and many generous Star Beacon readers, Sanni's dream is coming true. She is surrounded by her beloved mountains and is finding the means to heal her mind, her body and her spirit.

First, I want to thank all of you readers who sent in donations for Sanni and encouraged her. She is extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the love and support she has received in such a short time. Just let me explain what happened when a few people committed themselves to a mission of helping a fellow lightworker in need.

It hadn't been two weeks since Sanni left on the bus, crying for fear she'd never be back, that Ethan found a suitable rental in our small town of Paonia. Within days, Jack Ames and Ethan were prepared to drive Jack's Suburban, pulling a flatbed trailer, to Ohio. Jack's wife, Waneta Ames, had just had surgery on her shoulder, and Ethan and I were in the process of moving. It was not the best time to drop everything and drive across country to bring Sanni to Colorado. But Spirit was in charge.

The men drove straight to Ohio without stopping, in just 31 hours. One drove while the other slept. It took two days to pack and load up Sanni's belongings. Then they began to long trek west.

Jack says the "synchronicity of it" convinced him that this mission of getting Sanni to Colorado was of utmost importance. Both he and Ethan felt strongly compelled to act on her behalf, despite the circumstances in their lives.

Coming into Topeka, Kansas, the trailer blew a tire. Jack pulled the vehicle off the interstate and within five minutes a state patrol car stopped to help. Ethan was in the process of changing the tire, but the patrolman cautioned him not to. The patrolman immediately went to work changing the tire himself! Now how often does it happen that you break down on the interstate and there is a state patrol car right there? And how many policemen have ever offered to change the tire for you? Somebody was watching out for these people!

After the tire was changed, they drove into Topeka to locate a replacement tire. The tire shop was busy and somehow Jack got sold the wrong kind of tire. They had just started out on I-70 when the new tire blew! And again, a state patrolman was right there within five minutes to help them out! This time, when they went back to the tire shop, they talked to the business owner, who remedied his mistake and gave them the proper tires.

On June 29, after 44 hours on the road, three tired lightworkers arrived in Paonia with two stressed-out cats. The trip had taken its toll on Jack and Ethan, who was worn out. Sanni was worried about her cats, who had never traveled such a journey before. But they got her into her house that evening and began unloading her things. She was home at last!

The next couple of weeks, while I was vacationing in Wisconsin, Ethan helped Sanni visit the Social Security office and all the places she had to go to get her affairs in order. It was not an easy task, but thank goodness Ethan was willing to step in and be her "guardian."

I must pause here to make one thing clear. From the first time I showed Ethan one of Sanni's letters and her remarkable drawings, he recognized a deep bond that exists between the two of them. It is something neither can explain, yet it reveals why Ethan has been so willing to help her and assist her financially. In my opinion, few people would have gone as far as Ethan has in helping anojther person, and I think he deserves a medal.

Sanni reminds me that I forgot to mention one important thing in the July article that happened when she was visiting. One day we drove out to Needle Rock, near Crawford, so that Sanni could experience the energy vortex there. She had been telling me how very much she wanted to see an eagle while she was in Colorado. It was the thing she wanted to see most. Of course, we couldn't promise her an eagle. The best time for seeing them is December and January, near rivers. But on the way out the back road from Paonia, suddenly a large golden eagle swooped down in front of the car, carrying a prairie dog it had just picked up in a field. I stopped the car and the golden eagle brushed right past the passenger window, where Sanni was sitting. Then we watched the regal bird take off in flight. Sanni was elated.


The Love and Light Conference is less than four weeks away as of presstime. Remember, you must sign up by Aug. 1 to get the special discount preregistration price of $35 (it's $40 at the door). Also, if you're planning to come and want to participate in the barbecue Saturday night at Zack's Park, include an additional $7 for the picnic. We are looking forward to a wonderful conference and many terrific people. Sanni (Marcy Beckwith) will be there selling her hand- crafted alien dolls, her jewelry and some artwork.

If you still need a conference booklet, call me at (OBSOLETE NUMBERS REMOVED -- Webmaster). See you at the conference!


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