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by Sanni Ceto

I am the clear blue sky overhead. I am in the puffy white clouds that lazily drift by. I am the eagle who soars tranquilly and in harmony with all her surroundings, purely bonding with all living beings. I am in the essence of a sweet wildflower, dainty but strong and tenacious. I am the peaceful stream flowing swiftly to join larger streams that empty into lakes that unite with the seas. I am the elegant pine, spruce and aspen that creates music with the winds and breeze. I am the endless desert of sage and little flowers, painted in hues of brown and tan, sharing my wisdom to all who seek me out.

I am the majestic mountains who raise their graceful heads to greet the Glorious Sun. I am the being of Pike's Peak, Raggeds, Mount Elbert, Father Lamborn and Mother Marcellina, daughter Gunnison and brother Lands End. We teach the humans respect for our Gaia Mother Creator, whose bosom we came from. I am in the beautiful fish that swim the crystal brooks and placid streams. I am in the clear skies with its necklace of diamond stars, scattered like glitter to enrich tiny countless human eyes. I am in the sparkling snow that covers all like a warm comforting blanket over all this precious land. I am the masterful mesas with ancient knowledge to share.

I am Colorado.

I am the voice of many songbirds that sing a cheerful, merry tune for every new day. I am the landscape around you, for I am the being and pure essence of the Rockies. I am the mighty river of whitewater that never ceases to flow. I am Colorado, the most beautiful place upon Mother Gaia, giver of life and abundance to all her creatures, big and minute. Cherish my resources. Use them wisely and respect my plants and animals. Greet my mountains with love and seek their primordial knowledge of past, present and future. Treasure the ground you tread upon, for it is my soul, the core of my infinite being. It is my heritage that I share with you, the people and all who come to live with me.

I am the sage that dabs splashes of color across deserts and other wonderful places. I am the fierce winter storm and the soft gentle rain that brings nourishment to the land below. I am the powerful, majestic thunder cloud who dazzles the evening darkness with an endless display of lightning, showing the awesomeness of my power to all living plant, animal and rock beings.

I am Colorado.


This article was published in the October 2000 issue of The Star Beacon.


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