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Showing ET how to do Earth

Ann and Sanni
from the July 2000 Star Beacon
Copyright 2000 The Star Beacon, All Rights Reserved

The editor
and Sanni

by Ann Ulrich

What if you invited an ET to come visit you for a week and a half? Suppose she came, and you discovered she really was an ET? What if you found out you had been chosen to assist someone of high rank from an Essossanie vessel to "do Earth"?

She goes by the name of Sanni. You've seen some of her art in the pages of The Star Beacon. She has been a subscriber for three years and has corresponded with members of Earth Star's Friendship Club. Sanni has been stranded on Earth for 41 years, and although she has tried several times to leave, she was not permitted to go. She is a small, fragile woman with pleasant facial features, fine white hair and pale, almost translucent skin. Her eyes are brown, possibly a trait passed onto her from her Cherokee grandmother, who was the only relative Sanni had who loved her and understood who she was.

The story of Sanni's plight was printed in The Star Beacon in April 1999. Her background is austere and frightening. The abuses she suffered in the hands of her Earth foster family and the individuals from military facilities when she was a child few could have withstood. Her memories of the past are haunting and her claims of being a reincarnated survivor of the 1947 Roswell crash are incredible, to say the least. It is no wonder Sanni has gone through her life ridiculed, laughed at, labeled and unfairly chastised.

Sanni began corresponding with me two years ago. Her letters always come accompanied with highly skilled pen drawings that depict UFOs, extraterrestrials and nature. They also are full of hieroglyphic symbols that she says is the language of her people. It was no wonder that some of the people in the Friendship Club did not know how to react to her. One man, in particular, criticized her and said she was a fraud. That was the day Sanni found my phone number and called me, crying hysterically. She is an extremely sensitive individual, and one only need look at her the wrong way to send her into a torrent of tears.

The last eight years, Sanni has endured life in a depressing low-income housing development in one of Earth's large cities. Over a decade ago, she had a man in her life with whom she had a close relationship. Although he was 30 years her senior, this man was kind to Sanni and became her best friend and partner. They went places to together and, more or less, took care of each other until he died from cancer. His passing was a tremendous loss to this young woman who had grown up without affection or love, constant putdowns and abuse that would make you cringe to hear about it. Unable to work after being hit by a car several years ago, she suffers from deafness in one ear, blindness in one eye and a back injury. She lives on a small income from the government assistance program and became "imprisoned" in a small apartment in a mostly Black neighborhood, surrounded by senior citizens. In other words, she has had no one to relate to and has lived a miserable life.

Ethan and I decided to buy Sanni a round-trip bus ticket and bring her to the mountains for a visit. This plan was in the works for over a year. It was only this spring that we decided we could take a chance and see what Sanni was all about. We had our doubts about her, naturally, as I'm sure she must have had doubts about us. She says her neighbors kept telling her she didn't know "these people" and they were probably "con artists," that she was walking into a trap. Sanni, however, has the ability to sense people's energies from their letters. This was one reason why she didn't answer all of the Friendship Club letters that came to her. She was told by her guide, Khinyeo, who she could write to and who not. She happened to like our energy and trusted her guidance.

On Saturday afternoon, June 2, Ethan and I picked Sanni up from the Glenwood Springs bus station. She had been traveling since the morning before. We knew from the moment we saw her that we had done the right thing. But she looked so pale, as if she'd never seen the sun. That changed with the small doses of Rocky Mountain sunshine she got in the next week and a half. It was only a matter of days before her face had some color in it and the fresh mountain air did wonders for her. She was a smoker, but during her visit with us she never had the urge to smoke a cigarette. She was high on nature and the energies of the Rocky Mountains. Our place on the mesa is quiet and peaceful, full of nature - birds, small mammals, insects, including butterflies - and the view of the mountains surrounding Paonia is spectacular.

Sanni immediately fell in love with the mountains. Channeled messages gushed out of her so that she had to keep a pen and paper nearby at all times. One of the most prominent messages she received was one that most people would find very strange. She pointed to Mount Lamborn, Paonia's closest mountain - it has an escarpment on its side that resembles a lamb or a white buffalo to some - and she said, "That is my father!" Then she turned to Land's End, the mountain to the right of Lamborn, and said, "There is my brother!" Finally, she turned to Mount Gunnison with its snowy peaks and massive shoulders, and she said, "That is Mount Sanni! It is me - Before I was ever in a human form, I was a mountain - that mountain."

For the next several days the mountains channeled to her, telling her she had come home, that she was a part of them. All of her life she had been drawn to the mountains, and in 1974 she fell in love with singer John Denver and always wanted to come to Colorado. She now feels John Denver, who was killed in a plane crash a few years ago, is one of her guides. I had to work most of the duration of her visit, but Ethan drove Sanni to several places in the area. She experienced the vortex energy of Needle Rock and said a large crystal was embedded within Needle Rock, placed there by the Pleiadians. She could sense a Pleiadian vessel hovering above, but we couldn't see it with our eyes. One afternoon we drove her to the base of Mount Marcellina near Kebler Pass. Sanni discovered Marcellina to be her "mother." I wish I had recorded her sililoquy to this mountain as we drove closer to it. She poured out her love for this maternal energy that was filling her soul and moving us to tears.

Every morning Sanni was up early, outside examining rocks, insects and everything of nature. She rattled off Latin names of species as if she were a living encyclopedia. Being an amateur ornithologist myself, I quizzed her on several birds and other animals and was always astounded at her accurate, instant replies. Her fascination for rocks led to her taking home a heavy suitcase full of them. I became convinced that she had been a scientist in her other life, the one in which she was responsible for crashing the spacecraft near Roswell, N.M., in July 1947.

Arda Golden Eagle Woman offered Sanni an awakening, which helped lift off a lot of the negative memories Sanni still carries. From that day on we noticed progress and a vast improvement in Sanni's whole being, from her appearance to earning her trust to her becoming more relaxed. She would cry whenever she thought about having to go back home. She told us how much she wanted to move to Colorado, and could we please help her find a place to live? She shed a lot of her negative memories and flashbacks, which is part of the releasing following Arda's awakenings. This was good therapy for her, and Ethan became her "guardian angel," spending all of his spare time with her, just listening. She came to trust and love Ethan like a father and she gave him the name "Star Hawk." He took her fishing in the mountains and she was like a kid. She caught nearly a dozen brook trout, which I cooked for supper the next night.

On Monday before Sanni's departure, we held a special gathering in the house that belonged to former Star Beacon columnist Julian Joyce, the house that Ethan and I have now moved into. Sanni had been staying in the house and had voiced her concern daily about Julian's presence in that house. She saw a confused, elderly man who was bothered by her presence and didn't seem to want to let go. So, at the meeting with our closest friends, which included Arda Golden Eagle Woman, Ron and Bonnie Quinn and their children, plus a friend, Matthias, who was visiting from Canada, and Jack and Waneta Ames, Sanni opened up and showed us all who she really is. She had been apprehensive about the meeting, afraid that our friends would not accept her. I watched as a troubled child who was afraid to let go of Ethan's hand unfolded before our eyes as a high-ranking commander of an Essossanie vessel and shared her knowledge of space, intermixed with spontaneous readings, answering their questions and offering information from a storehouse of vast knowledge. The Quinns, who had planned to leave at 8:30 because they had to get up early the next day, ended up staying until close to 11:00 p.m.

Sanni mentioned Julian's presence and we ended up turning out the lights, lighting a candle, holding hands and going into a meditation to try to contact his spirit. Led by Ron, it was only a minute or so before Sanni "saw" him and then fell into trance and began telling us from Julian's point of view what he was feeling. Our dear departed friend was afraid to go to the light, although it was within reach. He was concerned about too many things on Earth, particularly this house and his belongings. We reassured him that we were taking care of things, that he had nothing to worry about, that although we would be changing things in the house, it was to become a house of love and his things would go to people who would appreciate them. We also promised to take his ashes out of the house and scatter them in a mountain stream. After much gentle coaxing and loving encouragement, Sanni spoke for him as he slowly made his way toward the light, where he could many people waiting for him. I told him my dad was there, holding out his hand. And finally, Julian crossed over into the light and was free. We saw him soaring like an eagle. It was a beautiful feeling and we were all so relieved and light-feeling. Sanni awoke, unable to remember anything that had transpired, but we told her and thanked her. She said she was very tired, that she always gets drained when she goes into trance. From that point on, she said she no longer felt his spirit haunting the house.

At the meeting everyone agreed that Sanni should move to her beloved mountains. She was told by Khinyeo that if she stayed where was is, she would die within five years. Ethan had already vowed that he would help move here to the mountains. He brought up the idea, and the rest of us at the meeting made a pact to help her. We are asking any Star Beacon readers to join us in helping to bring Sanni to Colorado. Jack Ames volunteered to drive across the country with Ethan to bring Sanni here. Ethan has been working on finding her a rental and others are inquiring about getting her SSI transferred. But she is going to need funds to help her make this move.

This young woman is such a beautiful being, so sensitive, so intelligent, and so compassionate and loving, even after a whole life of abuses. If we didn't believe she is who she says she is, I wouldn't be writing this right now, and Ethan wouldn't be going so out of his way to help her. She has so much to share with Planet Earth, and she must get on with her mission so that one day she will be allowed to go home. Please consider sending a small donation in care of The Star Beacon for the Marcellina Beckwith Fund. When she moves to Colorado, she has decided that she is going to change her name to Marcellina Beckwith after her mountain family. Even if you can only send $5, it will mean so much to give this ET hybrid a new start and a new life. You may send donations to (INFORMATION DELETED -- OUT OF DATE -- Web Editor).

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