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Commander Sanni Ceto


Message from Bashar

"He whose mind is uncluttered is one unburdened of his pain and misfortunes, one whose mind is cluttered knows the torment that is in attendance with it."        Bashar

Date: Oct. 4, 5, 6, 2000

A man of Earth is but a mere speck of the infinite universe, one of countless universes entwined and united as a part of a grand and ultimate reality that is supreme above all lesser realities in that it sees all and knows the souls of all species of men, be they of your Earth or of the advanced worlds. Earth man is one spark of light, one of billions united into one with other beings of light to form a vast sea of light, or galaxy of brilliance to shine in the never-ending expanse of expanding space. He is a fragment of a living and breathing super being who is a form of intelligent energy that is the master teacher over all the Ascended Master Lights from many levels and dimensions. Though man of Earth is tiny in his level of technological development, he has the capacity to be gigantic in his spiritual development, to utilize all of his mind's gifts to help heal the scarred planet Gaia, who is mother to his species and other beings. Earthling man is just a seed in the cosmic garden, planted before Earth was even conceived by the supreme Pleiadian beings of pure light and energy, Commander Shen-yiah and Admiral Ya-waih.

Other developing worlds are of this garden. Some are at the Earth level of development, others beyond it. But none at the Pleiadian and Reticulan/Essossanie level of technological advancement, Earth man can grow into a beautiful and creative force, instead of a force of destruction and dominance. These seeds within this garden have started to sprout among certain of the Earth populations. The starseeds among your people are ones of a New Age offering hope and change for the betterment of all Earth's endeavors. These seeds are a direct link-up with our commands in Essossanie and in the Ashtar Command, under various sectors and quadrants within this universe and neighboring universes.

I, Bashar, monitor Earth's progress from our base within the New Jerusalem mothership, parked in stationary orbit around your gas giants, Saturn and Jupiter. I am in contact with other admirals and commanders of other sectors assigned to patrol the quadrants that Earth's solar system is located in. Ashtar, one of my equals in command, native of the planet Methaira, Alpha Centauri's sector post 10865 the Centaurian Quadrant is with the star vessel Chare, a reconnaissance craft much like a large mothership with police authority. Its purpose is to observe, guide and monitor the planets within its jurisdiction, and to help bring about changes if a world's species is on a path of self-destruction. I, Bashar, am commander over many fleets of the Federation of Light, and the Council of Advanced Worlds. My purpose in the affairs of your Earth is to help evolve the human's conscious mind to a higher level via peaceful and beneficial manners, using the tools of love, wisdom, acceptance and open awareness in interacting with the beings on the Earth level.

There will be an increase in our fleet's activities on Earth as the seeds fully awaken in the great cosmic garden. Our personnel will work with them to help the native Earth men to change their energy and emotional bodies, so the planet can be as one in harmony with the advanced worlds.

I, Bashar, send my love to unite all species of man, to open up their minds, to quell their desire for violence, and to help them accept their place in this universe as a developing planet among those advanced enough to enjoy the supreme knowledge and serenity that flows like a universal ocean, bringing all beings together as one, in love and pure radiant light.

Peace unto all,


Channeled through Marcellina Beckwith

This article appeared in the November 2000 Star Beacon.



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