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Commander Sanni Ceto


Sanni returns to Roswell

from November 2002

     Sanni Ceto, known to many as Marcellina Beckwith, is finally getting her wish: to go to Roswell, N.M., the first week of October, and visit the crash site of her memories. Sanni, whose story has been printed in The Star Beacon some years ago, claims that she is a reincarnated soul of one of the crash victims (Grays) at Roswell. Ever since she was a small child, thunder and lightning storms instilled unparalleled fear in her. She recalls her last lifetime as a scientist aboard one of the spacecraft that came too close to Earth that famous first week in July 1947. Now she has a bus ticket to return to the desert and the site where it all began (or rather ended). We will be anxious to hear her report in next month's issue.


This article appeared in the October 2002 Star Beacon.

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