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Commander Sanni Ceto Comments

Sept. 24, 2008

This ship is crewed by a team of Pleiadians and Zetis. The ship is huge, about several hundred feet, and is a disc that will only be visible to those who can vibrate at its frequencies, and who have their implants tuned into those frequencies to which it resonates.

The ship is a small part of a fleet that will be arriving to assist when the earth changes start to speed up, which is a prelude to the shift in energies and awareness inside and externally on your planet. The ship will be monitoring those people who are star seeds and hybrids, to see how far along they are in their evolution compared to terrestrial humans.

This ship will arrive through an interdimensional partal, which is termed "Qaoi," which is near Y sector, which is over your USA nation.

The ship will be testing the portals in and around this region by activating certain grids and numeric codes that the Pleiadians created when making these portals. Also the ship will be scanning the 12 etheric giant pillars of quartz deep within the core of Earth, to see if they all are in synch with the harmonic codes to your solar system and its galaxies as this is important to maintain, in order and balance to Earth and its future.



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