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Writings by and about Commander Sanni Ceto


Since 1999, several articles have appeared in The Star Beacon monthly UFO newsletter
published by Earth Star Publications. Follow the links to read these articles about the Commander.

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Stranded on Earth: The Plight of Sanni
By Ann Ulrich
April 1999

Showing ET how to do Earth
By Ann Ulrich
July 2000

Sanni arrives in Paonia
By Ann Ulrich
DISC-ussion August 2000

I Am Colorado
By Marcellina Beckwith
October 2000

Message from Bashar
through Marcellina Beckwith
November 20009

The Mystery of the Missing Hen
By Anne Miller
DISC-ussion June 2002

Sanni returns to Roswell
By Anne Miller
DISC-ussion October 2002

Sanni's return to Roswell
By Carol Syska
November 2002


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