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Stranded on Earth

The Plight of Sanni

from the April 1999 Star Beacon

They live among us. She is proof.
An exclusive interview with a woman who claims to be an Alpha hybrid
and reincarnation of the
Roswell crash survivor in 1947.
Read in detail what really happened on that fateful July night in the
New Mexico desert, and perhaps you will understand what it
must be like to be
Stranded on Earth!

THEY LIVE AMONG US. This comes as no surprise to most readers of The Star Beacon, who are -- for the most part -- open-minded and able to embrace the concept of extraterrestrials among us.

Sanni is a star person living among us. She was reluctant to grant this interview because she is terrified of being ridiculed. She asked me not to give "disclosure" about her. She has been severely criticized and harassed by Terrans all her life and adds, "I am almost paranoid of what people will think. They may feel I am a mental-ward case. I am not. I am a VISITOR. I do not want to be here."

Some of Sanni's art has appeared in previous Star Beacons. She asked that I not reveal her Earth name nor where she lives. She is a woman in her 40s who is disabled following a car accident and emotional trauma due to abuse. Because she lives on a fixed income, she is forced to live in a low-income apartment in an inner city. she has no family and few friends. Her desperate situation led her to seek out like-minded pen pals through Earth Star's Galaxy Wide Friendship Club, and this is how I became acquainted with Sanni.

Disturbed by some of the reactions she received in the pen pal club, Sanni found my telephone number and called me one day last summer, weeping and begging to be understood.

How do I know she's an extraterrestrial? To be honest, I don't know. But the things she has told me in numerous letters has led me to keep an open mind and I suggest that the probability is very likely. After you hear her story, you can make up your own mind. Her letters come decorated with beautiful hieroglyphic symbols, some of which she incorporates directly into the text of her letters. Her handwriting is in block print, in broken English and misspellings -- something she apparently cannot help. However, I have found Sanni to be highly intelligent, a creative artist, and sincere in her beliefs. I feel there is a wealth of information in her head that could possibly be exciting material for a future book.

But enough of my introduction. I'm going to let Sanni tell her own story.

Ann Ulrich, Editor

I have been writing the symbols
since I was around three years old in your Earth years. They are my people's language. I've
written this same language all my past lives, before the Roswell crash, before I ever heard of Terra and its solar system. They are not channeled from visions or dreams. We E.T. souls are fluent in these, as well as other symbols.

Many of your readers might think I am "way out." I am afraid I may be rejected by potential pen pals because of what I feel to be the truth of my existence and my interwoven tie to UFOs. I only want someone to relate to and share ideas with. I don't mean to frighten Earth people, but it's very hard to relate to Terrans on their level when you're from elsewhere beyond this blue-and-white marble, Terra.

I hope you know how difficult it is for me to be here. It is immense culture shock. I only know my other species' way, not the primitive Terrans' ways. I read the (Star Beacon) newsletter and I am amazed at how open people are who write to the newsletter. An outsider to the psychic and UFO phenomenon would think that they are crazy or nuts. I wonder if any of them are ridiculed because of what they feel to be truth or "reality," as they know it.

Memories about my past life started when I was a toddler and had flashbacks during electrical storms. My foster family took me to doctors to do hypnosis on me when I was older, to find the reason for phobias and about the flashbacks. This doctor wore a blueish-gray uniform and the place had lots of primitive flying vehicles. All about Roswell came out.

It has been revealed to me that in my last past life (the Roswell crash), my mother (her "unit") would be selected to have me, that alien DNA genetic material would be implanted into her and she would have a hybrid being. I was of a first batch of hybrids -- Alpha beings -- those who could live on this planet, but with some difficulty. Alpha hybrids are outwardly human appearing, so they can "blend in" with the native population, but they have characteristics that set them apart as being "different" -- real white skin, eyes sensitive to light, psychic ability and intuition, premonition abilities, gifts in music and art, high metabolisms, sense of knowing of being from elsewhere. There are more characteristics, Alpha hybrids also appear on board UFOs, along with my people, when humans are abducted.

I knew my mother would be an abductee before I came into the present incarnation. I met my real family, my Zeti Zetanai family, when I was a very young child -- about two years old in Earth years -- mostly at night or when no one was around. I had many visits. I remember my family. They were my guides in my past life; all but my Terran units (they were not and never will be my family).

I was not afraid because I knew my people and loved and missed them and wanted to be with them. The aliens -- Grays-Pleiadians (my own species) -- loved me. They did not abuse me in so many ways as Terrans do. I fear Terrans and am afraid of them more than my own species.

I was not wanted by (my mother) because I was not "normal." I was small, very quiet, and did not look right to her, so I was discarded by her and grew up in Earth foster homes. My first home was with Mr. and Mrs. X. Mr. X was retired from the military. I was placed there because they took "special" young life forms.

My time with the X family was very damaging. I was sexually abused, physically and emotionally abused, and they always tried to make me feel like I was a "no one." From my youngest times on this awful planet, they never once told me they loved me, never praised me, and whever I wanted to do anything they always told me I was crazy or a "f___ing nut" and not capable of being independent.

Mr. and Mrs. X took me to head doctors when I first "Mom" X about my "daddy" -- my true father. Doctors said I was a schizo. I was hypnotized by this (doctor) and lots of things about my past lives came out. I spent from age 2 to age 19 in this home. Here is what they did to me: They censored TV, music, art, etc.; anything that had a space theme was forbidden. If UFOs were mentioned by me, I would be severely beaten and locked in the attic without food for one or two days or more. Mr. X would sexually touch my lower body and make me feel unnatural feelings I did not want to feel. Mr. X would hit me over the back and shoulders with a heavy push broom until I could hardly walk.

All (during) this time, I had visits by ones who loved me, the ones who created me during my mother's abduction -- the Grays, my own species -- never did they abuse me; only humans have done this.

Every month so-called "social workers" would visit their house. We lived way out in the country. These social workers were always dressed in blueish-gray uniforms with light blue shirts and ties and drove a dark blue car with an emblem on its doors. They talked to Mr. and Mrs. X, asking them things (such as) "Does it get angry?" or "Does it eat foods?" "Does it get along with children?" These social workers always spoke about me as if I had no name or no feelings -- nothing! I was called It -- EBE 180365, etc.

I went to their big facility once a year to have tests -- every kind of test to be run on me -- hair samples, skin, etc. (It was) at a place that had lots of planes, helicopters and jets and lots of "social workers" dressed like the two who always came to ask questions about me. Mr. X said I was going to the nut house or funny farm. I ask you, does that sound like an institution
to you? Mental hospitals do not look like an airport facility.

I was first sent to this same place when I was around 2. My Earth mother had told her doctor why I looked different, because she had me on board a UFO or flying saucer, and that the saucer men impregnated her. I was a product of her UFO abduction/encounter. Why was this airport place so interested in doing tests on me and sending "social workers" out to study me for most of my life? They did tests on my IQ and said I was above normal in intelligence. I have always had a keen interest in astronomy, physics, astrophysics, aeronautics, science, biochemistry, etc., since I was very young. I feel these interests come from my past life before this one.

(Eventually) I was placed in another facility where everyone had to wear white uniforms. The place was surrounded by electric fences. We could not socialize and had to have a human with us to observe us. One thing about this place is, everyone resembled each other, that is the residents, not the ones who watched over us. I am 5'1, very white-skinned with wiry hair and delicate-boned and skinny. It was like we -- the other residents and me -- were from a batch. We were around the same age also. This (facility) is out West. From this facility I was placed within a succession of human foster homes. In each one I felt physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse. These also were "checked" by those "airport facility people." I stayed in 12 foster homes, was raped when I was in another facility, and finally got 'assimilated" into human society when I was placed in a "special" apartment and all my daily activities were checked by a "living adjustment specialist" person.

All through grade school I was treated like I couldn't learn the ways others could learn. I was put in a so-called "special" classroom where humans taught me about money, etc. Everything I did was scrutinized. Tell me, if the government is not so interested in UFO phenomena, why was I such a guinea pig for them?

At that facility with jets and planes sitting on long cement roads, with all those fences, I remember the "hospital" was underground and all doctors wore uniforms. They did tests and were so interested in my right ear because of the lump that feels like a macaroni shape. They would hold devices up to it, to see if it (the implant) would work correctly.

IT WAS EXTREME KARMIC PUNISHMENT. I was not supposed to lead an expedition to this solar system of Terra. I disobeyed the Council of Galactic Light (or Grays' version of Interplanetary United Worlds or Nations). (There was to be) no interference in a primitive or warlike planet. No trade, no relations or landings were to be made upon a backward species planet.

I came here because I was a scientist and I caused the accident that ended my "life" and the lives of five crew members. I didn't pay attention to the instruments and this created loss of shields and defenses around our vehicle. An electrical storm on your Terra knocked out the ship's force-fields. We crashed in the desert with liquid pouring from the skies of Terra. I only
survived about a month of your Terran time.

I remember being thrown out of our vehicle and a big explosion ripped a hole. This caused scattering of machinery and crew out onto Terra's desert. People were crying and in pain. I was badly hurt, and at that time I realized I'd broken Prime Directive One rules, as stated via the Council in our own home world.

I was taken to the "hospital" or facility. I didn't understand English, as we didn't have a universal language translator device or ULTD on our uniforms. I was stripped of my uniform. We used a device that was adhesive (that's how your species created Velcro) to open and close uniforms.

I was badly burned on the left side, my leg, arm and head. I was in bad pain. Earth creatures gave me nothing to alleviate it. Earth creatures were bigger than me. They interrogated me by using nine specialists who knew telepathy. They asked questions, such as why we came here, were we hostile, did we have war, did we have religion, and things about our binary solar system.

I was a guinea pig to Earth creatures. They poked, prodded, stuck things (tubes) into me, touched me, and also abused me when they tried to determine if I was a male or female entity (I was a female.) I cannot put into English how much I hurt and how I regretted what I did.

We made six expeditions in all. We scientists only wanted samples of animals, plants, soil, water and rocks, to take home to replicate them to live on our Zeta Reticuli home world.

While in the hospital, I was tied to a steel table. I was nude, badly injured. All specialists looked at me. A telepathy expert translated to them what I told him. I asked him where he learned telepathy. He showed me tiny black triangles (devices that let humans communicate thoughts via telepathy). He said they came from one of our vehicles -- UFOs -- that they forcefully shot down a few years before, that was in 1945. They (those UFO crews), too, disobeyed Council rules and are trapped in your dimensional level.

Most of military-scientific technology was integrated into your present technology from shooting down UFOs and interrogating survivors. Terrans were war-like in dealing with us. We posed no threat to your nations. We were scientists on an expedition to observe and collect specimens.

I was a lieutenant on this mission (Roswell) that failed -- XXBAOTTG vehicle was more advanced than Terrans'. its crews' physical containers for souls -- bodies -- are preserved at a place we were taken to, and where I physically "died" in the Eastern United State, at a place with lots of flying vehicles, XXBAOTTG was not completely demolished at the crash (site). Your
species back-engineered what survived intact. That's how you got fiber optics, computers, lasers and hundreds of other things to advance your technology. It carried six crew members and experiment chambers, life support systems. Propulsion was antigravity.

XXBAOTTG was designed for intermediate travel. We were "shuttled" to within one light year of Terra via a large mother ship craft, made to operate within a planet's atmosphere, but needed the services of the mother ship to bring it to the nearby solar system. Its on-board computers were the small size of present laptops. We could translate any Terran language or access a planet's atmospheric composition via them. If you want to know more about our ships, let me know, I will answer.

XXBAOTTG's sister ship utilized a type of pulsed nuclear-antimatter reactors propulsion-drive unit or cores -- two of each about the size of a small ball -- arranged around a crystal matrix, about 6 feet in diameter. "Fuel" has a life of 100 of your Earth years. This unit fit in the lower deck or floor of the vehicle. It can be raised or lowered above the floor level.

WE WERE NOT INVADERS, nor are we "robots" or androids. Our internal anatomy is more advanced than Terrans'. We have what would appear to Terrans to be no digestive tracts. We have an advanced system. Our digestion is done in one tube. We have complete digestion, no excretion (solid) is produced. We "urinate" as heavy cinnamon-smelling sweat on the upper body. Males have rudimentary sex organs (penis); testes are internal, not external "balls" as on Terrans. Females have small uteri and scanty "monthlies." The heart is two-chambered; only a fused lung, not two as in Terrans. Blood is more watery than in Terrans. there is no need for iron. Advanced species do not require as many organs as they are at a much higher evolutionary level. On your earth, single-celled organisms you term primitive are to "us" advanced life forms. My species are of the insectoid type, combined with the mammalian type in our very early evolution.

Our home world is thousands of Earth "years" ahead of Terra. We evolved physically beyond that of Terrans. We are not as big. We don't need many internal organs. We have larger brains that are more advanced. We have no hair. We evolved beyond "animal species" in our early history on our binary star system. We have no need for long gestation periods as Terrans do.

As I said, we were guinea pigs. Terrans could not classify us as humans nor as mammals, only intermediate between humanoids and insectoid life forms. I was technically classified as EBE-1947-7347. That means aliens found with wreckage at the crash site in the seventh "month" (July), third day in the "month" -- 3 and 47 means "1947" in your Earth "time." I did not understand
the concept of human's "times." We did not use the same measurement as on Terra.

My interests include music (classical to New Age), art of all sorts, collecting rocks and minerals and coins (meppia), studying geology, meteorology, anthropology, biology, ornithology, metaphysics, astronomy, herpetology and insects. I love nature, the woods, oceans and oceanography. I have no access to nature, as I live in a polluted city which I can barely tolerate physically and mentally. I wish I could live in the country or in the mountains, as I would feel better.

To keep myself sane, I meditate, channel different entities, astral travel, do healings if needed and do readings if my people feel it necessary. My life is very limited, due to all the abuse I suffered. It caused me not to trust anyone (and) to be suspicious. I don't get along with Terrans because of this. I feel all they want is to hurt me emotionally. I am also limited
due to a car accident that left me blind in my left eye, deaf in my left ear, with a fractured hip and back and lots of fatigue.

The only good that came from the accident is that my horizons opened (for me) to accept myself and my own species as being pure beings of light. I was awakened to my inner abilities. My experiences are more religious to me. I've had many UFO sightings, some in broad daylight. I feel love toward them and am glad my psychic abilities are turned on.

I cannot work because of all the trauma from the abuse and from the car accident. I live on a scanty pension of 514 meppia a month. I do not feel I am a valuable person. I am depressed a lot and do not wish to live as I am forced to, by my environment.

(I) live in a mostly African-American, high crime area and I am scared to go out. (My big city) is too conservative for my thinking. I am (considered) a "kook," "lunatic," "delusional" type to my Earth Terra "friends."

I am too sensitive to be living on Terra. There is too much hate and negativity for me. I need love, unconditional love and acceptable.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sanni welcomes letters from understanding people who can offer their friendship and share like-minded thoughts.

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