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Due to influences beyond our control, Sanni has asked that her Web pages be removed.

She continues to be harassed by certain individuals who have no clue about her integrity and her compassion in reaching out to help others.

THANK YOU!  Sanni wishes to thank everyone who has contacted her in the last several years. If you want more information about Sanni's art and her books, please visit Earth Star Publications.



Sanni's Q & A column, "Commander's Star Base," runs in The Star Beacon monthly newsletter. Earth people ask questions about space and she gives the answers. You can see her most recent column by clicking here.

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Q:   Dear Commander, I'd like to know if any ET species will help us solve the Fukushima crisis? I feel it will poison the whole earth and all living beings on it, and I don't think any human can stop it or clean the earth from the radioactive poison that's already been released. I think we really need ETs' help now.
        I also wonder if you can help me get in direct physical or mental contact with any friendly ET? I want to learn from them and have discussions about the problems on Earth and other things. To have an ET as a friend would simply be amazing.      Ronny Rydström, Stockholm, Sweden

A: Dear Ronny,  Fukushima was a manmade event; therefore, humans must learn from their mistakes. If you give a baby a weapon, it's dangerous. Atoms in hands not trained to understand create disaster.

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